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bellascritto -- revisited

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Set Two - Prompt Three (Interactive) [Fri Mar 25, 2005 | 11:32 AM]

Free Ride

Ferris wheels were always a favorite around my house. I would run toward its great structure, only to find I was an ant compared to its mass size. Carnivals as a whole never interested me as a child, but ferris wheels, oh, my eyes lit up with those words coming from my father's mouth. "Come on honey, let's go," he would say, as I sprung from my chair like a bird taking flight, hopping into our family car. I clapped in delight, racing to be next in line. As I seated myself, jumping to reach those vast carts, I grinned at my father, who was climbing on beside me.

We started to rotate higher and higher. My father put his index finger perpendicular to his lips and reached in his back pocket for a small canister of caramel roasted peanuts. I laughed until my stomach ached, finding it hilarious that my father had snuck delicious snacks up with our ride. He put a protective arm around me, and I felt safe, secure next to his worn shirt and fat belly. My short skinny legs dangled next to his, both becoming farther and farther away from solid ground.

When it was over, we scooted off that heavy platform for others to climb on and enjoy just as we had. I gave my father a hug and a kiss, and whispered 'love you' gently in his ear.
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Set Two - Prompt 1 (Photo Prompt) [Tue Nov 23, 2004 | 7:24 PM]

Like the color of the warning construction sign on the side of the road of the accident, bright orange curtains draped over you. You were fading in and out of reality with blurred vision; I could see the irritation and puffiness in your eyes. He drugged you again. I had told you a million times that he was just using you; yet somehow, he was always able to hurt you again. I could see the jealousy in your heart as you lay sprawled over the envious green felt couch, cigarette in hand. You passed out the night before after the car accident and I carried you home, limb for limb. I wiped away the blood and tears, but the black and blue shiners on your face remained.

Looking out of your eyes, I saw your perfect whites were grayed and yellowed, like some antiquated movie. Your vision of the world faded two shades down.
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Set One - Vega's responses [Mon Nov 15, 2004 | 12:11 AM]

Hello everyone,

Thanks Jessica for letting me join. =) Here are my responses to the Set One prompts; I'm partway through the Interactive. Enjoy! Critique and comments are appreciated. Cross-posted to ciriell.

SET 1: Classic Prompt
Shadows in the byways.Collapse )

SET 1: Photo Prompt - Written from the point of view of the Sea-elf Inhever Alfirin, my character in a Lord of the Rings setting.
Untitled.Collapse )
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PROMPTS: SET TWO [Wed Nov 10, 2004 | 7:47 PM]

2-1. Photo Prompt

2-2. Classic Prompt
The Outsider

2-3. Interactive Prompt
Write an entire piece about anything, without using the word "the".
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Shadows [Mon Sep 13, 2004 | 9:46 AM]

i can begin to feel shadows around me
as my world turns its old shade of gray
when i woke up today, i knew things had
changed in such a big way that nothing
would, or could, ever be the same again
shadows cast upon my curves,
the ins and outs of every limb
but my friend, dear ana, please help me
those shadows are not showing my bones,
just my lumpy skin and red stretch marks
showing the sins ive let my body commit.
dear somebody, feel my pleas and hear me cry
for this body i am traped in is nothing but a
plaything, a toy, and i am trapped deep inside
i can feel myself choking on the thick air,
my stomach wants nothing more, or nothing less.
pure emptyness, all the way through my body
makes me feel alive, once again.
my heart, my head, my stomach, my hands.
i have nothing, and this is just the way i like it.
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Untitled - 1 : Photo Prompt [Mon Sep 6, 2004 | 12:42 AM]

I miss watching the water roll over the sand, crash down on the rocks, rush into the beach. The ocean scent rising from the tide still lingers at the tip of my nose and the sounds of the sea roaring still ring in my ear. I miss sand caressing my feet and getting stuck into the tiny crevices between my toes, then washed off as I sat at the edge of the beach.

You don't forget times like that--when you close your eyes and you feel the wind take you away and suddenly, you're flying over the water, crashing into the waves, floating in the sea. When everything around you disappears except the water and the intricate world of the sea.
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Welcome to Bellascritto! [Tue Aug 31, 2004 | 12:35 AM]

Ahh, it's been a while, hasn't it? Too long I think. That's why I've decided to reopen bellascritto, and hope for a revival of our old community and a period of growth. :) I've also made a few changes to the community. I'm going to try to add more involved prompts, visual prompts, musical prompts, etc. Also, instead of being limited to just one, you'll have a choice. Please just indicate in your responses which prompt and set you are responding to. Feel free to respond as many times as you like to any of the prompts.

To Apply:
There is no need to apply if you have already been invited or if you were a previous member of Bellascritto. Else, here is how you can apply for membership to bellascritto. Answer the following questions in a comment on this entry. Your application will be carefully reviewed and if accepted, we will contact you back on your livejournal.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Gender:
4. Location:
5. Email:
6. Your response to at least one of the current prompts.
7. Links to any other examples of your writing.
8. Why would you like to be a member of Bellascritto? And what do you think you would bring to this community?

1. Photo Prompt

2. Classic Prompt

3. Interactive Prompt
Open up the closest book to you, flip to page 74, and write down the first sentence you see. Use this as a prompt; but, avoid writing anything related to the actual story of the book.
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